Published: 16 lutego 2015
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Acting as a sub-contractor ASimple participated in a project to modernise and develop the functionality of the warehouse management system (one of the System 21 modules) for an FMCG industry customer from Poland.

The changes to the warehouse management system allow a new type of warehouse locations called gravity racks to be maintained.

New functions created for System 21 enable warehouse transactions to be recorded in real time with mobile devices like scanners and terminals.

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Published: 23 kwietnia 2014
Category: productsreferences

System 21 Redbook

This IBM Redbooks publication offers a collection of knowledge gained from Geac consultants, customers, and AS/400 professionals who have experience with System 21 and the AS/400 system. This is a detailed guide that explains the concepts and specific tasks associated with implementation of System 21 on the AS/400 system. This book is designed to assist technical people among Geac System 21 customers, business partners, and service representatives. It targets these professionals who are directly involved with the implementation of a total business solution consisting of AS/400 hardware, OS/400, DB2 UDB for AS/400 database, Geac System 21 solutions, and supplemental solution products.

Geac System 21 Implementation for AS/400

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Published: 13 stycznia 2012

Let’s get this party started!

The English version of ASimple website has just landed …

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